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Our trip around Lake Michigan


  • Campgrounds selected
  • B. Illinois Beach State Park, Zion, IL, mile 55 (Night of June 24)
  • C. Indiana Dunes State Park, mile 150 (Night of June 25)
  • D. Holland State Park, mile 255 (Night of June 26)
  • E. Orchard Beach State Park (Manistee), mile 369 (Night of June 27)
  • F. Petoskey State Park, mile 486 (Night of June 28)
  • G. Straits State Park (St. Ignace), mile 519 (Night of June 29; Mackinac Island)
  • H. Indian Lake State Park, Manistique, mile 604 (Night of June 30)
  • I. River Park Campground (Menominee), mile 705 (Night of July 1)
  • J. Boehlke Back Yard (Two Rivers), mile 796 (Night of July 2)
  • K. Home, mile 877

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